Article Share: These Light Bulbs Cause Anxiety, Migraines, And Even Cancer. If You Have Them, Do THIS Immediately!

Everyone is looking forward to save energy and money. Most of us are replacing the standard bulbs with new energy saving bulbs. These so called energy saving light bulbs are said, by the companies that make them, to be environmentally-friendly. This is not true. These new generation bulbs are, in fact, so toxic that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has protocol steps it advises to follow if such a bulb breaks. This is due to the gases it releases when breaking. Continue reading

Nenah Silver, PhD, shares KD Gold testimonial

And by the way, this stuff should NEVER be called a “pesticide.” Ironically, in the US, “pesticide” is a legal term and by law a pesticide MUST be toxic! Crazy, huh?

KD Gold works via a mechanical (not chemical) action of separating oil from cloth or other material. This also means stripping the oily coating from the exoskeletons of bugs. When this happens, the bugs die. So yes, it works on fleas and ticks too (as well as bedbugs). The bugs are also smothered. Continue reading