KD Gold Life Hacks #1

Kd Gold™ is a versatile pure soap surfactant that can be used in many ways. For all the things KD Gold™ can do, you would need 15+ different products: hand soap, detergents, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and more!

After all, you wouldn’t use your dish soap to clean your bathroom, kitchen and floors, right? KD Gold™ can do all these things and more! Also, KD Gold does really well on the go! And for this we present: KD Gold Life Hack Series!

Disclaimer: This hack is for water-safe and even some dry-clean only fabrics. Contact us if you have a special or delicate fabric like silk or crepe. We’d love to let you know how to handle those types of fabrics.

KD Gold Life Hacks #1 – Stained Clothes

KD Gold Life Hacks Stained Clothes

You’re at your favorite restaurant with friends or family, eating your favorite dish ever. Suddenly, your forkful detours from your mouth and lands right on your light-colored shirt! Not good. But, what can you do?

Please, whatever you do, don’t rub your shirt with a paper napkin. It will just make it worse! You can use a paper napkin to pick up the excess food. However, I recommend using a clean fork or spoon to scoop it up instead.

What’s wrong with paper napkins?

There is nothing wrong with them. They just clean skin much better than they do fabrics. Paper products -like napkins and paper towels- leave residue fibers on clothes and fabrics. You know what that looks like: it’s the fuzz, powdery discoloration or tiny rolls left after you’ve rubbed your shirt.

Paper napkins can only pick up part of the mess on your clothes. The rest is pushed into the fabric fibers, so it’s absorbed quicker. This is when stains get tough: when they dry.

Napkins can’t clean this, even with water. You need soap. But not just any soap.

First, you need one of the purest liquid soaps on the market: KD Gold!

KD Gold is low-foaming, chemical-free, unscented, fragrance-free kosher soap surfactant. You don’t want to use abrasive soaps full of chemicals, preservatives and dyes. Kd Gold is pure soap made from natural ingredients and with low sudsing, so minimal water is needed for rinsing.

Always have a 2-ounce bottle of KD Gold™ Hand Wash Foamer or All Purpose Cleaner Spray handy in your pocket or purse for convenience on the go.

Second, you need is the same kind of fabric that was stained. In other words, your shirt or pants can help clean themselves! I know it sounds weird, but you’ll understand why.

Just take part of your shirt that is not visible -like the inside of the cuff, hem or collar. Lightly spray or foam KD Gold™ on that small area, then rub the stain with the same fabric until clean. Depending on what you spilled on yourself, one time is okay, but don’t worry if you need to repeat 1-2 more times.

Why is this so effective?

Kd Gold is a pure soap surfactant, so it’s main purpose is to lift up all kinds of nasties from surfaces. Using the same kind of fabric as the stained one ensures that the fibers fit against each other well, reaching every available surface area.  This helps KD Gold™ access the most surface area of the fibers, lifting all that grease, grime and dirt from your garments. Use this technique on water-safe and even some dry-clean only fabrics.

More KD Gold Life Hacks

Do you have silk, crepe, leather, wool or other special and delicate fabrics? KD Gold works on those too! Email us here or leave a message below with specific garment information. Also, send us suggestions for KD Gold Life Hacks! If we select yours, you will get a one-time 15% OFF coupon for your next order!

Got any other questions, comments or suggestions? We look forward to hearing from you!

KD Gold Aficionados & KD Gold Team!

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