Holiday Dinner Cleanup Hacks with KD Gold™

KDGold holiday dinner hack

The Holiday Season is my favorite time of year!

I dedicate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years days to gratitude and spending quality time with my family and friends. The best part is cooking all kinds of family recipes with my children and grandchildren. A mainstay of my Dinner traditions for these days is KD Gold™. Being chemically sensitive (a.k.a. MCS) I use it for everything! These are my KD Gold tips and tricks to keep your Turkey Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day clean, healthy and stress-free. Click here for the KD Gold™ Holiday Sales I have for you!

Cleaning the turkey

So, lets talk about preparations and cleanup! One of the most important things I use KD Gold™ for is to wash the Turkey. I do this to prepare it for brining. Poultry has a slimy film on the skin and KD Gold is very good at removing it. It also seems to help the turkey absorb the brine and marinade better!

First, I always clean the sink and surrounding area with KD Gold™ All Purpose Cleaner (APC) – which is Concentrate diluted at 10 parts water and 1 part KD Gold™ Concentrate – before working with any food. Then I use KD Gold™ APC to wash the outside of the turkey and remove the inside stuff. After that, I wash it inside and out and pat it dry with paper towels. To finish, I put the turkey to brine. As a side note, I recommend you brine all meats –especially thick meats and poultry– before cooking them.

Keep your cooking area clean

Always clean up the area you used to prepare the turkey –or any raw meats, eggs, and other foods that may cause bacterial growth- after every use. This will prevent you and your family getting sick from cross contamination and stomach illnesses. Make sure to spray the counters, sinks, cutting boards, and wash any utensils used right after use. Allow 1-5 minutes dwell time before wiping clean. Doing this also helps to control the amount of dirty dishes. Always a good thing!

Washing the fruits and veggies

I love using KD Gold™ with my fruits and veggies. The method I use, and recommend, is to spray the fruit and soak it in water-filled sink for 15 minutes. For leafy veggies, such as lettuce, kale, and spinach, is to fill the sink halfway with water and spray KD Gold™ in the water and then soak them for 15 minutes. Rub the leaves with your fingers while in the water so KD Gold™ reaches every nook and cranny. Remember that apart from water and time, KD Gold™ needs friction/agitation to work best. So remember to rub the surface of the fruits or veggies after you apply KD Gold and when rinsing them. To finish off, pat dry with paper towels.

Quick Holiday Dinner Cleanup

The only thing that we dread on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Years Day is the cleanup! Clearing up the dining room table, washing the dishes and cutlery, scrubbing the pots and pans, cleaning the counters… It can seem to be a monumental task as you look upon your beautiful kitchen all messy and crowded with dirty dishes. But if you tackle it the right way, especially with KD Gold™, Holiday Dinner Cleanup will never inspire fear in you again!

Washing the dishes as you cook

You can get really creative with this. Find out how KD Gold™ works best for you!

What I do to clean cutlery, knives, serving spoons, thermometers, and other small objects is you can prepare a 2” or deeper rectangular baking pan with warm water and 1 ounce of KD Gold™ Dish Liquid. You could also use one teaspoon of KD Gold™ Concentrate to dilute in the water. As you use your utensils, drop them in until ready to wash.

You can do the same think for your cups and dishes. Fill the sink with warm water; add 1 ounce of KD Gold™ Dish Liquid -or KD Gold™ Concentrate Diluted at 10:1- and drop dishes and pans as needed until you’re ready to wash.

For pots and saucepans, we recommend you fill them up with water and use one spray pump of KD Gold™ Dish Liquid. You don’t want to strip the pan of the delicious oils it’s been cured with over time.

Clean up after dinner

Once all the food is ready, I make sure to place all the food in serving plates or trays, so I can soak all my really dirty pans and trays in KD Gold™. This way, I enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with my family while KD Gold™ does the heavy lifting for me. Once we’re ready for cleanup, I rinse it, do a quick scrub if anything else is left, then off to dry.

Like me, you’ll be done so quickly that your drying person won’t be able to catch up with you!

KD Gold™ is the natural all purpose cleaner you were looking for

KD Gold™ is a flexible and versatile cleaning product that you should always have on hand. Kd Gold™ is non-toxic, baby & pet safe, biodegradable & kosher, so you can use it to clean your entire house, from your hair to your kitchen, office and more!

We are working on our food-grade certification for official purposes, but I’ve been using KD Gold™ for the past 15 years for washing my meats, fruits and vegetables and it’s never failed me! Let me know about your KD Gold™ Holiday in the comments below!


Kaylin D’Aire
Contact me here with any questions or to share your KD Gold™ experience!

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