KD Gold Life Hacks #2: Laundry Tips & Tricks


Use KDGold on any washers In the last post, I talked about using KD Gold to treat fabric stains on the go, whether you have access to water or not. If you haven’t read it, check it out here!

Let’s do laundry! Many questions come up in regards to doing laundry and KD Gold™:

Should stains be pre-treated? Should clothes be sorted by color? By fabric type? Does it matter how much soap is used? Clothes in first or last? Hot or cold water? Is there an ideal dryer temperature?

Please allow me to share with you my 20+ years of experience doing my laundry with colloidal micelle liquid soaps. I hope this will explain why I know KD Gold™ is the ideal laundry cleaner.


One thing to remember is that KD Gold™ needs three things to work best: water, agitation and time.

• Water activates the concentrate and allows it to move throughout the surface it’s cleaning. Dilution rates indicate how many parts of water vs. one part of KD Gold™ Concentrate. The most common dilution is 10:1.
• Agitation allows the particles of KD Gold™ to move and capture all the dirt, grease and time. This is done through application: spraying & wiping, swirling (washing machine, mop), scrubbing, rubbing, etc.
• Time is needed for water and agitation so KD Gold™ to do its wonders. The ideal dwell time for most cleaning jobs is 1-5 minutes.

1. Top Loader vs. Front Loader & how much KD Gold to use

KD Gold™ motto is the more water, the better! Top loader washing machines allow you to select how much water to provide, to which you add KD Gold™ before throwing the clothes in. Personally, I prefer to soak the clothes for 5-10 minutes before letting the cycle run.

Now, front loaders, especially High Efficiency (HE) washing machines, are very stingy with water. The first tumbling in the cycle is to weight the clothes. Weight determines how much water the washing cycle will use.

KD Gold™ needs plenty of water for the wash, so I “trick” the machine into giving more water by making the clothes slightly heavier. How? I dilute KD Gold™ into 2 cups of water and pour it directly on the clothes instead of the dispenser.

For Laundry, put 1 teaspoon of 10:1 diluted KD Gold™ on two cups of water for a light to normal level of dirt. Of course, you can go to 2-3 teaspoons, up to one ounce (1oz) of 10:1 diluted KD Gold™ if you have kids with grass stains or rugs with stains that you need to clean. Add more water if you add more KD Gold™, but no more than 3 cups on front loader machines.

A bit of caution: when washing heavy fabrics on Front Loader / HE machines, I recommend you don’t add more than three cups of KD Gold™ diluted water. These types of machines have lower weight limits, so if you add too much water, the additional amount of water the machine adds could make the load too heavy and cause an error. It happened to me once, and I spent one hour draining the machine.

A beneficial side-effect of consistently using KD Gold™ for laundry on front loaders is that you won’t get the usual mold and mildew that forms because of leftover water.

2. The importance of pre-treating stains

Stains should always be treated prior to wash. Why? Because pre-treating starts the process of loosening the particles of dirt, grease and grime from fabric. This makes it easier for stains to come off quickly in the wash.

Spray 10:1 diluted KD Gold™ directly onto stains as soon as you remove the article of clothing or spray them prior to throwing the clothes in the wash. I say the sooner you treat the stain, the better.

If you have some heavy stains, such as dirty cloth diapers, just pre-treat as soon as they happen and either soak them or put them in the wash. If you notice a stain after it comes out of the dryer, no worries! Just pre-treat and wash again.

3. Sorting clothes: color & weight

Different types of fabric require different levels of care. The heavier and sturdier the fabric, the more agitation it needs and takes to clean. Therefore, it’s very important to sort your clothes by fabric weight and select the correct washer setting. Doing this prevents the washer or heavier clothing from wearing down or damaging more delicate fabrics.

Fabrics can be dyed with many different colors. Depending on the nature of the fabric and the dyes, some fabrics may lose dye every time it’s washed. This is why a colder water temperature and grouping similarly colored garments together is ideal.

4. Recommended water temperature

I’m sure many of you consider the water temperature to be very important when washing clothes. However, with KD Gold™, cold water works very well.

Warm or Hot Water may make KD Gold™ slightly more effective. However, hot water –just like detergents– breaks down the fabric of clothes over time and takes away any resistance to wrinkling that they may have.

The name of the game is not only stain-free clothing, but also long-lasting clothing. If you use high temperatures to wash your clothes, you will most likely have to replace the garment more often than necessary.

5. Dryer Temperature with KD Gold™

I always use low heat for all normal drying loads. For heavy fabrics, such as towels, sheets, comforters and rugs, I use medium heat.

I never use high heat on dryers. High drying temperatures often damage and/or warp and garments, especially delicate fabrics. If you insist on using high heat, I recommend doing so only for heavy cotton articles –like towels, sheets, and rugs– and for shorter times.

Also, one of the benefits you will notice about using KD Gold™ for laundry is that there will be less lint in the lint trap.

6. The stains are coming back! Detergents vs. KD Gold™

In using KD Gold™ for laundry, you may notice some stains reappearing on clothes! This is because detergents are designed stay on clothes to mask or cover stains –not to take them out.

When stains start reappearing, don’t panic. They come out in layers as the detergents are removed from the fabric. Just pre-treat the stain and run it through the wash again. If the stain is very old, 1 year or more, please note it may take several washes.

The beauty of using KD Gold™ instead of detergents is that you don’t need fabric softener. Why? Because detergents stay on clothes and make fabrics stiff without the use of fabric softener.

With KD Gold™, your clothes will come out of the dryer nice and soft. No softener or dryer sheets required.

7. Multiple chemical sensitivity vs. new clothing

I’ve never used detergents on my clothes and I’ve been using colloidal micelle soaps for over 20 years. I’ve noticed that because of this, my clothes do not wear out as fast as everyone else’s clothes.

Being chemically sensitive, that is a good think. For people suffering from chemical sensitivity, it’s very difficult shipping for new clothes. We have to find new clothes, but then we have to worry about decontaminating them.
Why? Because mass produced clothing is treated with chemicals, the most commonly used one being formaldehyde. I’m sure you’ve heard people say to wash new clothes before wearing them, especially undergarments. If you didn’t know, then now you do!

There was a recent series of articles where over 1,300 American Airlines employees complained that the new uniforms, which came out in September 2016, were giving them hives, rashes, flu-like symptoms and headaches. They have deduced it’s the fabric used for the uniforms.

For people that suffer chemical sensitivity, the less often you have to buy clothes, the better. That’s why we don’t buy new clothes if we can avoid it.

With KD Gold™ you not only help you keep your clothes clean and in great shape, it also does the same with your health. Avoiding detergents with chemical contents will go a long way to preserve your health in the long run.

For all these reasons and more I love KD Gold™. I do my very best to preserve and extend the lifespan of my clothes, and I am here to help you do the same. Email me directly here for additional information on washing your garments, even those that can’t be machine-washed.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous 2017!


Kaylin D’Aire

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