Nenah Silver, PhD, shares KD Gold testimonial

I received the wonderful testimonial letter below from Dr. Nenah Sylver, where she is sharing the benefits of KD Gold with other users that reached out. This is what happens in the real world, and KD Gold can help!

A big THANK YOU to youNenah, for your continued friendship and support. Thank you for sharing, believing in and spreading the word about KD Gold and for spreading the word about it’s many uses.

Nenah Sylver, PhD is an old friend of mine and the author of “The Rife Handbook of Frequency and Holistic Health”. This book is the culmination of many years of education and experience. She is the country’s lead expert on Royal Rife. Please visit her website to learn more about her and her in depth knowledge and experience.

I greatly believe and support holistic healing and treatments. As a chemically sensitive person, most –if not all – of the mainstream medical treatments and medicines are highly damaging and dangerous to me.

I also know that nature has everything we need to keep our homes and ourselves clean. This is why I formulated KD Gold. It is a colloidal micelle pure non-toxic soap. It is so versatile and useful that even I keep learning new ways to use it, either from new experiences or from customers sharing their experiences with me.

If you have any questions on how to use KD Gold, please visit our User Guide or email me at


Kaylin D’Aire

Read Patty, Gina and Nenah’s testimonials:

Pam wrote: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can you tell me how to dilute it for dogs as a pesticide to spray on them and their bedding?
Patty wrote: Hi Nenah…The last time you wrote about KD Gold I bought a gallon…I have to say I have never used a better cleaner! Happy to hear that it is also good for killing bugs…how about termites, fleas and ticks?
Gina wrote: This stuff is GREAT!!!! It also kills walking dandruff (mites) and even though it has Coconut oil in it, you can spray it on your sofa, curtains, etc. and it will NOT stain them! I give it 5 STARS!!! Oh and it also kills BED BUGS (which is rampant in the south)!! Hopefully, I will NEVER pick that bug up but if I do I’m ready!!!
I’m so glad that you all have gotten great results with KD Gold. I had written in a prior post, “You can spray the dogs and their bedding with KD Gold and leave it on. Harmless to us and lethal to bugs. Great for head/pubic lice, infestations on plants—oh, and did I mention cleaning dishes, floors, human bodies and shampoo.” I’ll be happy to explain a few more things now.

First, about the dilution. (For those who don’t know, the KD Gold is concentrated, so you’re not paying for the shipping of water.) I honestly don’t know, because someone else in my family does all the dilutions. But you can find it on the website. I see no harm in making it stronger (less water and more KD Gold) if there’s a particularly bad infestation of bugs.

And by the way, this stuff should NEVER be called a “pesticide.” Ironically, in the US, “pesticide” is a legal term and by law a pesticide MUST be toxic! Crazy, huh?

KD Gold works via a mechanical (not chemical) action of separating oil from cloth or other material. This also means stripping the oily coating from the exoskeletons of bugs. When this happens, the bugs die. So yes, it works on fleas and ticks too (as well as bedbugs). The bugs are also smothered. Commercial liquid dishwashing soaps can also smother bugs, but I’d NEVER use them, either for myself or for my beloved pooches, because these commercial preparations are highly toxic.

KD Gold is the only cleaner I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave a film on my body. We bathe the dogs in it, too. Oh, and regarding the comment about coconut oil: ALL cleaners, regardless of what they are, have oil (coconut, almond, lard, etc.) as either their base or as one of their ingredients. The oil undergoes saponification (a soap making term), when exposed to certain processes. However, to my sense, KD Gold is just about the only cleaner that doesn’t feel “oily.” I don’t think that the KD Gold folks regard their product as “soap,” because it’s made differently than regular soap.

Years ago, a friend of mine decided that if KG Gold separates oily muck from the surfaces, then she’s use it in an enema. She felt very clean afterwards ;- The stuff IS completely safe, so I occasionally use it as a mouthwash (though it doesn’t taste good and only the hardy might feel adventurous in this way).

A great use for KD Gold is in the car. I have a little bottle that mixes air in it so it foams. After I pump gas, use the toilet, or if I’m shopping and get my hands dirty, I pump a little KD Gold on my hands and rub it around. I DON’T rinse it off! It dries and my hands are clean. It completely gets rid of not only dirt, but also the smell of gasoline.

I also spray KD Gold on second-hand clothing. Most of it smells, either from the pesticides they spray on it or the poisonous fabric softener that many people use. I spray the clothing with the KD Gold, numerous times, as well as with hydrogen peroxide. I wash it a bunch. And I leave it in the sun for weeks.

You might be interested to know that the woman who helped develop the formula is herself chemically sensitive. She had to have something that worked, that she could use without becoming ill. She has a long history of trying to make the planet a better place through a variety of good works. I love to support her when I can.


Nenah Sylver, PhD
author, The Rife Handbook
of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health
healing from cancer and other diseases
with non-invasive, effective technology
suppressed by the medical cartel until recently

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