The Trick to Front Load Washers: No Mold & No Bad Smells with No Chemicals or Drum Cleaning

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about laundry and whether KDGold can be used in high efficiency “HE” washing machines and will it work in front load machines. My answer is always a resounding YES! As someone who is chemically sensitive, I, personally, would never use anything else.

However, I do understand the problem. I remember when my son and his wife got one of the first new big and beautiful matching front load washing machine and dryer sets. They had more buttons than a rocket ship and would do everything but take the laundry out of the machine and fold it for you. They were so beautiful but within less than a month, they stunk to high heaven. She was a dyed in the wool popular detergent and fabric softener girl. And that was just for the washing machine. For the dryer there was an assortment of sheets, sponges and balls that I have no idea what they were for other than to add more stink to the cacophony of smells that were emitting from the laundry room and permeating the house.

After a few months, the smell of mold and mildew in their clothes was underlying the supposed fresh laundry smells offered by the variety of laundry products. It wasn’t long after that that the machine manufactures were suggesting that their customers should leave the door to the washer open between use and even to dry out the machine after using it. Can you image? Talk about taking a giant step backward in laundry evolution. Then shortly thereafter came the recommendation to run a very toxic chemical solution through the machine as you would a large load of laundry once a week.

In order for me to use their machines I would have to run KDGold through a full cycle with some old cleaning rags. Lo and behold, by the time I did my clothes there was no smell, not the smells of all the laundry products nor the mold and mildew.

Use KDGold for laundry on front load and HE washers

Over the last 11 years, thousands of loads of laundry have been done using KDGoldRTU Laundry Wash or better yet, KDGold Concentrate that has been diluted for laundry in all types of washing machines, new and old, HE and energy guzzlers. We have never received one complaint about mold or mildew from any of those many machines. In fact, we have lots of “thanks you” for ending mold and mildew issues and here is why.

Laundry Detergents and designed to stay on your clothes and hide stains or to brighten colors. And the reason is most of them are so toxic that if all the detergents that are used for laundry where to actually go down the drain and end up in our water sources, everything would be a foamy mess, fish and wild life would be dead and we would have no potable water. Detergents are very hard on fabrics making them stiff and uncomfortable. Ergo, the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets is quintessential for soft clothes. The residue of laundry products builds up in the inner workings of the machine and in such a warm, moist environment, mold and mildew flourish.

Not so, with KDGold – KDGold rinses clean so there is nothing for mold and mildew to feed on and therefore, none grows. It’s as simple as that. Further more, because there are no harsh detergents in KDGold, clothes are left soft and subtle without the need for fabric softeners. You’ll also find there is less lint in the lint trap than with detergents. And your clothes will last a lot longer, colors will stay bright and blacks will stay black.

You were promised a trick to use in HE front load machines, so here it is. KDGold requires water to be effective – certainly a lot more water than is required by the chemicals in detergents that are recommended for HE machines. The new HE machines dole out water according to what size load you have. Have you noticed you no longer choose the size load but rather how dirty your clothes are? The HE machines are weighing your cloths to determine how much water your load will be allotted. That’s what the machine is doing when it first starts up, spinning one way then the other before it stops to add water. What I do is I take the ½ to 1 ounce of KDGoldRTU Laundry and add it to 2 or 3 cups of water. Then instead of using the detergent tray, I pour it directly on the clothes. When the clothes are weighed by the machine, they are sufficiently heavy enough to trick the machine into using more water than it normally would. More water allows KDGold to do its job unlocking dirt and stains to wash them down the drain instead of staying in the machine and on the clothes. Don’t forget that KDGold is biodegradable and non-toxic so it will NOT hurt fish and wildlife.

For particularly stubborn stains, simply pretreat by spraying KDGold directly on the stain, agitating it a little by scratching your fingernail on the damp fabric. Then throw them back in the laundry basket to catch next load. It even works on old blood, grass or oil stains.

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