Bathroom Cleaners: Read the Small Print

Of your entire cache of household cleaning products, bathroom and tile cleaners are the most important labels to read beginning to end. And I don’t just mean the ingredient list. Let’s face it, without a degree in chemistry, most of us would not know the level of toxicity in those ingredients anyway. But there are big clues in the “warnings” and the “instructions.” It is quintessential to read these labels very carefully and take heed whenever you see the critical words “use in a well ventilated area.” They can mean the difference between life or death.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have only seen about a half dozen bathrooms in my entire life that I would call “well ventilated” and certainly only one shower that a dear friend built half in and half out of the house attached to a private courtyard that was open to the moon and the stars and well ventilated. Most bathrooms, if they have a window at all, have a little tiny little window that is high up and above the peek-a-boo line. Certainly, not well ventilated. And most showers are enclosed without any chance of ventilation at all.

Talking about the dangers of bathroom cleaners, I was recently reminded about a customer, we’ll call her Jane, who phoned in about 9 or 10 years ago asking me to tell her about our KDGold Concentrate and all that it could do. As a matter of fact, this customer’s call was instrumental in making me realize the need for ready-to-use products. As I was extolling the virtues of our nontoxic KDGold Concentrate that was specifically designed for chemically sensitive and immune compromised people, I told her that it could be diluted to use in every room in house; like in the kitchen for counter clean up, dishes, washing fruits and veggies, cleaning the refrigerator and oven, even moping the floor and then when I moved on to the bathroom she stopped me and started sobbing. She said, “if I had only known, my mother would be alive today.”

She went on to tell me the story of how her mother, who had recently come to live with her, wanted to help around the house so she would not feel like a burden and took on cleaning the bathrooms. Jane left for work leaving mother with bathroom cleaning supplies just to come home hours later to find her mother on the floor unconscious. Of course, an ambulance was called and Jane’s mother was rushed to the hospital where she spent a week as doctors ruled out a stroke or heart attack and several other maladies, but could not find the cause of her collapse. All Jane’s mother could remember was that she started to clean the bathroom and felt like she couldn’t breathe, then everything went black.

After a week in the hospital Jane’s mother was feeling great and ready to get back to work with her household cleaning chores. This time, Jane cane home to find her mother on the floor, not breathing at all. She was laying half way in the shower still holding the can of bathroom cleaner. Jane was horrified when she removed the can from her mother’s grasp to read it more closely and saw the words “only use in a well ventilated area.” The mystery of her first collapse was solved but too late to save Jane’s mother.

Don’t let it be too late for one of your family members. Read the warnings and follow the instructions unless, of course, you’re using non-toxic KDGold. It’s safe enough for a child to use, even in a confined area. You’ll be amazed at the wonderful, non-toxic indoor air quality whenever using KDGold.

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