Frequently Asked Questions

KD Gold Frequently Asked Questions:

Welcome to the KD Gold Frequently Asked Questions list. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions, from what is KD Gold to our shipping policy. Scroll down to find the answer to your questions about KD Gold™. If your question doesn’t appear on this list, please contact us.

What is KD Gold™?

KD Gold™ is, simply, pure soap. But it’s not just the soap you’re used to. It’s soap with an attitude! Because of its unique formula, KD Gold™ cleans better than any currently available soap, detergent or other type of cleaner on the market. It is an industrial strength cleaner that’s still gentle and safe enough to use on a baby.

How does KD Gold™ work?

The secret to KD Gold™’s unmatched cleaning and degreasing performance is in the size and the action of the molecules that make it up. KD Gold™ has extremely small molecules called “colloidal micelles”. These micelles are so tiny and so active that they can penetrate the much larger oil and grease molecules, and, acting like tiny jackhammers, actually break apart those molecules into biodegradable components. You will be amazed to see oil and grease literally “melt away” when KD Gold™ is applied! No other soap or cleaner has “colloidal micelle” action, which is why KD Gold™ outperforms them all.

What’s in KD Gold™?

KD Gold™ is a proprietary, bio-based formula consisting of fatty acids, vegetable- and plant-based enzymes and minerals, organic alcohol, coconut oil, folic acid, and natural vanilla, mixed with de-ionized water. All of KD Gold™’s ingredients are found on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) List. Because of this safety factor, NO WARNING LABEL OF ANY KIND is required to be placed on KD Gold by any Federal, State or municipal agency.

What can I use KD Gold™ for?

Quite simply, anything and everything washable. KD Gold™ is a multi-purpose cleaner, and the applications are limited only by your imagination. Household cleaning (kitchen, bathroom, furniture, carpets, floors, etc.), automotive, garage/workshop, laundry, dishes, personal care, pet care, fruit and vegetable wash…the list goes on and on. KD Gold™ also has some surprising and unusual uses too. It abates the presence of many insects, washes away bacteria and viruses, helps keep away fleas, ticks and head lice, eases the discomfort of poison ivy/oak/sumac, is an oil-based paint and tar remover, and can be used to clean up spills/accidents involving toxic chemicals, too.

Our KD Gold User Guide lists over 250 uses, and we’ll bet that with some imagination you can come up with several more yourself!

Do I have to rinse KD Gold™?

Rinsing KD Gold™ from most surfaces is not necessary, and leaving a residue is desirable in cases where mechanical removal and suppression of germs and viruses is a concern. However, KD Gold™ should be used in weak dilutions and rinsed completely from any oil-based surface. Varnished or painted furniture, painted walls, linoleum tiles, or any object or surface that should not be exposed to water (e.g., leather) are examples. Also, for using KD Gold™ on fabric, carpet or upholstery stains, test clean an inconspicuous area first to determine if KD Gold™ will affect the color of the fabric.

What makes KD Gold™ different (and better) than other soaps and cleaners?

There are four questions that people should ask before buying and using any cleaner:

  1. Is it absolutely safe (nontoxic – baby safe)?
    2. Is it earth-friendly (biodegradable)?
    3. Does it work (industrial strength)?
    4. Is it versatile (multiple uses – can it be used on everything that’s washable)?

Most commercially available cleaners and detergents work fine, but they are usually highly toxic and are not biodegradable. Many “green” cleaners are “organic and biodegradable”, but not nontoxic. Some are truly nontoxic, but they don’t clean very well. And, most cleaners have single or limited applications. Of all the soaps, detergents and cleaners on the market today, only KD Gold™ can give a resounding “YES” answer to all four questions. There’s no reason to buy any other cleaner for any other purpose!

How can KD Gold™ kill bugs but not harm people?

It is true that KD Gold™ kills many types of insects, but it is NOT poisonous to them. Rather, it affects their shells (exoskeleton). Because an insect’s exoskeleton is composed of oil-based molecules, KD Gold™’s colloidal micelle action has the same effect on it as it would any other oil or grease molecule. It dissolves it. Because mammals are not oil-based, but rather aqueous (water)-based, KD Gold™ is absolutely harmless to humans and animals.

Is KD Gold™ truly nontoxic?

KD Gold™ has been laboratory tested (for VOCs, SVOCs/POMs, Biocides, Pyrethroids, PCBs, PAHs, Organophosphates and Phthalates) and found to be absolutely nontoxic and harmless to humans and animals. It is so safe that even chemically sensitive people can use it with complete confidence and safety.

My family member has cancer. Is it safe to use KD Gold™ on or around him/her?

KD Gold™ is the only cleaning product that should be used in any situation involving cancer or any other chronic disease because of its unrivaled cleaning ability, its nontoxicity and biodegradability, its ability to mechanically remove germs and viruses, and its ability to denature any toxic chemicals that may be in the immediate environment.

What is the difference between KD Gold™ and KD Gold™ RTU?

KD Gold™ RTU is simply KD Gold™ concentrate pre-diluted with de-ionized water for consumer convenience and labeled for a specific usage. Because all KD Gold™ RTU formulations are simply KD Gold™ concentrate at slightly different dilution rates (and are just as nontoxic and biodegradable as the concentrate), any of them can be used interchangeably for any cleaning purpose. One exception to this rule is the glass cleaner, which is highly diluted so as not to streak the glass or mirror. Using any of the more concentrated formulas on glass would streak, and using the glass cleaner for tougher cleaning jobs would be ineffective.

Will KD Gold™ help eczema or other skin irritations or allergies?

For anyone with any kind of skin irritation or allergy, KD Gold™ is the ONE product to use for personal cleaning AND for cleaning clothing and linens. Ordinary soaps, shampoos and laundry detergents all have toxic chemicals that leave a residue on the body or in clothing. These residues are absorbed by and continue to irritate the skin. Only KD Gold™ can be used without fear of irritation or an allergic reaction, AND will remove/denature the toxins left behind on the skin and in clothing by using commercial cleaning and laundry products.

What would happen if my baby drank KD Gold™?

In a word, nothing! Of course, we don’t recommend drinking KD Gold™, but the fact is that it is so safe, it is harmless regardless of amount that may be ingested. The most serious aftereffect of drinking a large amount of KD Gold™ would occur if one had just also eaten a particularly oily or greasy food (such as French Fries). In such a case, due to the emulsification of the oils by the KD Gold™, a person might develop a mild case of diarrhea. Some people even use KD Gold™ for brushing their teeth or as a mouthwash! It is actually safer than many commercially available toothpastes (many of which have a poison warning label on them in case of accidental ingestion!

I’m Multiply Chemically Sensitive (MCS). Can KD Gold™ help clean up my home environment and auto interior from the building materials (Formica™, fiberglass, plastics, paints, fabrics, etc.) that are “outgassing” toxic chemicals?

Yes!! KD Gold™ actually denatures toxins and drastically reduces the outgassed emissions of these substances.

Can I use KD Gold™ to clean automotive equipment/parts or machinery?

Absolutely! KD Gold™ is the best degreaser on the planet. Just keep away from any parts that shouldn’t be exposed to water (electrical parts or equipment), and be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly to prevent rust or corrosion.

Is it true that KD Gold™ will remove head lice?

Yes! Unlike the currently available prescription head lice preparations (which are so highly toxic that they should not be used more than twice in a LIFETIME!), KD Gold™ will kill head lice and dissolve the “cement” that glues the nits (eggs) to the hair shaft. And, it will do this with NO toxic effect. Find the specific procedure to treat head lice in our User Guide.

How come KD Gold™ doesn’t make a lot of “foam”? Is it really cleaning?

KD Gold™ is a “low sudsing/foaming” formula. But don’t let that fool you! Even without the suds, KD Gold™ is still cleaning more effectively than other products that produce lots more foam. Colloidal micelles don’t need to “show off” their strength, they just clean like invisible “scrub brushes”.

Will KD Gold™ remove fish odors?

KD Gold™ is one of the best de-odorizers (of any kind of odor) available anywhere because of its ability to denature organic chemicals.

I see alcohol as an ingredient on the KD Gold™ label. Will KD Gold™ dry my skin or hair, or my child’s?

Organic alcohol is used in the KD Gold™ manufacturing process to catalyze the soapmaking reaction. However, most, if not all of the alcohol evaporates before bottling. So, KD Gold™ is not only “non-drying”, but, with its coconut oil, is actually moisturizing to skin and hair.

Is KD Gold™ an “antibacterial”?

KD Gold™ has been laboratory tested and shown to kill bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella even at concentrations of 30 parts water to 1 part KD Gold™! However, EPA regulations require that any product labeled as an “antibacterial” must, by law, contain a registered pesticide, which is a toxic chemical. In order to maintain absolute nontoxicity, we won’t add any toxic chemicals of any kind to KD Gold™ just to be able to put “antibacterial” on the label. But, KD Gold™ is a pure soap. And pure soap is just as effective as most commercially available antibacterials…and is still perfectly safe!

Can I use KD Gold™ to clean blood and other body fluids?

Because KD Gold™ dissolves organic substances so well, it is an excellent choice to clean blood and/or other body fluids. In fact, it will remove old dried blood that has seemingly stained permanently, even if it has been washed and dried several times. Simply spray on KD Gold™ and saturate the area of the blood, use your finger nail or a small brush to agitate the particles then let sit for 20 minutes or so. Throw in the washer and wash as usual. You may need to repeat on some fabrics.

What does “dwell time” mean?

“Dwell time” is simply the amount of time KD Gold™ is allowed to “sit” on a surface after it is applied and before it is wiped or scrubbed off. The longer the dwell time, the more time the colloidal micelles have to work their “magic” in dissolving oil, grease and dirt.

Why doesn’t KD Gold™ have any warnings or “signal words” on its label?

Because all of KD Gold™’s ingredients are on the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS (“Generally Recognized As Safe”) List, and it is totally nontoxic, no warning label of any kind is required by any federal, state or municipal agency.

Is there anything that KD Gold™ won’t clean, or that I shouldn’t use KD Gold™ to clean?

Never, Ever spray or apply KD Gold™ directly on the inside of pots and pans, especially cast iron. The reason is that pots and pans are seasoned with oils to work properly. As you use them, the oils build up to create a great seasoning that helps your food not stick to the surface and enhances the flavor of your food. Manufacturers of pots and pans recommend to use mild suds when washing them, and to avoid putting dish soap directly on the inside of pots and pans. However, KD Gold™ is great for keeping the outside of your pot clean and free of burnt oils and dirt.

Instructions for washing your pots and pans with KD Gold™:

Inside: Fill pot and/or pan with water. Add one (1) squirt/spray of KD Gold™ Dish Washing Liquid and mix evenly in the water. Let sit for 3-10 minutes, then rinse clean.
Outside: Use KD Gold™ as you do with your regular dishes. For built up burnt oil and food residue, apply KD Gold™ liberally, scrub lightly, let sit for 10-30 minutes, then wipe and rinse clean.

Please do not use KD Gold™ on items that would be permanently damaged if you strip the oils from it, such as raw suede and unsealed leather. To clean items that need to be treated with oil, such as handmade or sealed leather, use KD Gold™ diluted down with water at 75:1 or more parts of water. Spray the cloth with the diluted down KD Gold™, wipe the material clean and dry – make sure not to leave any wet spots. Once finished, then treat the material with the particular oils recommended.

Please contact us at (954) 922-4003 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST or email us at with any questions, concerns or for recommended cleaning methods.

When I clean my bathroom/oven/kitchen, the fumes are so noxious that I have to go outside. Is it safe to use KD Gold™ in an enclosed environment (like a bathroom)?

Oh yes! KD Gold™ is the only cleaner tough enough to get bathrooms and ovens sparkling clean and yet safe enough to use in an enclosed environment. You can breathe easy, without any more need to “open windows” or “insure proper ventilation”.

I have a really tough job – can I use KD Gold™ as is without adding water?*

No. KD Gold™ will not work effectively unless you add water (aside from stripping oil base paint from furniture or walls). KD Gold™’s colloidal micelles require water to be active. Each colloidal micelle particle is hydrophilic (attracts water) on one end and hydrophobic (repels water) on the other end. The hydrophobic ends cluster together with those of other particles to form a negatively charged core. The hydrophilic end extends to capture water molecules and is positively charged.

This combination forms a very strange molecule that looks much like a sea urchin with little spheres on its spikes. When water is added, these strangely appearing molecules start to move, and with a little agitation (brushing or scrubbing) they get moving pretty quickly, breaking down and cleaning up anything in their way. The more water you add, the more active they become.

Do I have to keep KD Gold™ out of the reach of small children?

Unlike other cleaners, even most of the “green” cleaners that can be bought in health food stores, there is NO warning on KD Gold™ to keep it out of the reach of children. It is absolutely and perfectly safe and harmless to humans of any age, even if it is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. So yes, go ahead and let your children help clean house or better yet, bathe them in it, it’s pure soap.

Is KD Gold™ really biodegradable?

KD Gold™ has been laboratory tested for biodegradability and has been certified to be completely biodegradable in 30 days or less.

Is KD Gold™ Non-GMO?

KD Gold™ has been laboratory tested for GMO content and has been certified to be free from “genetically modified organisms”.

I read that KD Gold™ can be used as a shampoo. I use hair dye. Will it take out the color?

While KD Gold™ is an excellent shampoo for oily, dry or normal hair, it will take out hair coloring. Cosmetologists love to use it on their uniforms to get out spilled hair dye and other chemical stains, KD Gold™ is also excellent for removing food stains as well.

Isn’t KD Gold™ expensive? Why does it cost more than other “green” cleaners?

KD Gold™ is manufactured from the finest ingredients available, most of which are known in the industry as “exotics”. They are so called because they are not produced in quantities large enough for them to be as inexpensive as other, more commonly available raw materials used for soap making. So, the manufacturing cost of raw materials for KD Gold™ is higher than that for other comparable products, toxic or nontoxic.

Although KD Gold™ may seem pricey at first glance, it actually is less expensive to use than most other comparable cleaners. Also, and more importantly, using KD Gold™ regularly instead of toxic alternatives reaps many long-term savings and benefits. Let’s talk price first.


KD Gold™ is designed as an “all-purpose” cleaner. It can replace virtually every other cleaning product of any kind in your home, garage, workplace or school. Even at the suggested retail price of $117 per gallon, KD Gold™ diluted to the “standard” 10:1 solution yields 11 gallons of ready to use formula for all-purpose cleaning. This works out to less than a mere ten cents per ounce, comparable to most other well-known, store bought brands.

Also, most cleaning jobs can be effectively done with lower dilutions. This brings the average per-ounce cost even lower. For example, when you make your own window cleaner from concentrate, the cost is slightly over 1/20th cent/ounce. So, for less than 10 cents, you can make 22 of the 16 oz bottles of window cleaner.

You get what you pay for.

KD Gold™ cleans better than any other comparable product, nontoxic, biodegradable, or toxic. If you buy something that doesn’t work as well as you need it to, it doesn’t really matter how inexpensive it was – it was a waste and potentially caused damage to you, your family or the environment. KD Gold™ may seem to cost more, but it will meet or exceed your expectations for performance.

Also, ask yourself: is continuing to expose yourself and your family to toxic chemicals worth saving a few dollars a month? Green is beautiful! Perhaps even more importantly, KD Gold™ pays the “green dividend” in long-term benefits. By using KD Gold™ for all your household cleaning jobs (replacing ALL the toxic products you’ve been using up to now), you are making your home environment as healthful as it possibly can be, whether you are actively cleaning or not.

Regular use of KD Gold™ will eliminate your and your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals and may reduce toxin-related illnesses and conditions, including respiratory difficulties, colds and flus, allergies, and chronic conditions that arise at least partially as a result of long-term exposure to toxic chemicals. That means fewer “sick days” for you and your kids, along with reducing all the costs (financial, emotional, physical, lost time) resulting from being sick.


Instead of buying one or more different products for each household job you need to do (soaps, shampoos, all-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, laundry detergent, dish detergent, bathroom cleaner, degreasers, etc.), KD Gold™ is the one product that replaces ALL of these, and probably outperforms them too. One bottle of KD Gold™ does it all.

Washing laundry with KD Gold™ instead of detergents cleans clothes more completely, eliminates toxic residue that may cause skin irritations or allergies, and will not break down the fabrics of your clothes like detergents do. Plus, you can wash in cold water (more green points) Your clothing will be cleaner, fresher, and last longer!

Then there are the environmental benefits. Because it is totally biodegradable and toxin-free, the brown water “runoff” from KD Gold™ has one of the lowest environmental impacts of any product on the market. Using KD Gold™ is doing your part to improve the environment for all of us.

Our government is continually putting us on the alert for possible biological/chemical attacks. Having KD Gold™ on hand should be part of everyone’s “readiness kit”. It is the choice for decontamination of potential terrorist biological or chemical agents.

So, for all that you are getting, when you buy and use KD Gold™, the price tag is actually quite reasonable. Anyone who has used KD Gold™ and has experienced all that it can do, and how well and how safely it does it, is convinced that KD Gold™ is “a bargain at any price!”

Can you provide safety data and efficacy testing for this product?

KD Gold™ is a 100% natural product. Unlike other manufacturers, we are happy to disclose not only the required material safety data, but laboratory and any field testing results we commission.

Material Safety and Bio-Testing Data

Natural Soap Formulas is a proud recipient of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s, “Design for the Environment Award” as a Champion in the Use and Encouragement of Safer Surfactants.



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