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Fads come and go, but some things are so good they stay around for generations. KD-Gold is one of those things. The women in our family have been using it for three generations and wouldn’t be without it. It has so many uses it may seem too good to be true, but it really does do what it claims. Here are 3 things I use it for that may surprise people.

(1) Soak greens in cold water with a couple of squirts of diluted KD-Gold. It not only cleans greens but “unwilts” them.
(2) Clean the starch from the pasta pan by squirting a diluted solution on the residue. Let it sit a few minutes and remove the residue with paper towel.
(3)This same method also works for burnt on food, though it may require a plastic scraper or fingernails depending on the severity of the burn.

In both cases it only works if you apply the KD-Gold first, before water or other cleaners.

B J Hatfield

I have been using KDGold for 16 years. The ants hate it if I clean around the house with it diluted. Especially around the pet bowl. The ants leave. If I use anything else the ants come back.

I have a spray bottle in the utility room, each bathroom, kitchen and 1 bottle for outside. I love it and feel safe enough to spray all my vegetables with it.

Thank you Kaylin!

Tonya LPennsylvania

I’ve been using KDGold for a couple of years now. I use it for mainly laundry, using extra sprays on bad spots. It works beautifully using one ounce per load at dilution of 10:1.

A gallon of KD Gold is very economical. I has lasted a LONG time.

DorothyRetiredPost Falls, ID

Pam wrote: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Can you tell me how to dilute it for dogs as a pesticide to spray on them and their bedding?
Patty wrote: Hi Nenah…The last time you wrote about KD Gold I bought a gallon…I have to say I have never used a better cleaner! Happy to hear that it is also good for killing bugs…how about termites, fleas and ticks?
Gina wrote: This stuff is GREAT!!!! It also kills walking dandruff (mites) and even though it has Coconut oil in it, you can spray it on your sofa, curtains, etc. and it will NOT stain them! I give it 5 STARS!!! Oh and it also kills BED BUGS (which is rampant in the south)!! Hopefully, I will NEVER pick that bug up but if I do I’m ready!!!
I’m so glad that you all have gotten great results with KD Gold. I had written in a prior post, “You can spray the dogs and their bedding with KD Gold and leave it on. Harmless to us and lethal to bugs. Great for head/pubic lice, infestations on plants—oh, and did I mention cleaning dishes, floors, human bodies and shampoo. http://www.kdgoldrtu.com.” I’ll be happy to explain a few more things now.

First, about the dilution. (For those who don’t know, the KD Gold is concentrated, so you’re not paying for the shipping of water.) I honestly don’t know, because someone else in my family does all the dilutions. But you can find it on the website. I see no harm in making it stronger (less water and more KD Gold) if there’s a particularly bad infestation of bugs.

And by the way, this stuff should NEVER be called a “pesticide.” Ironically, in the US, “pesticide” is a legal term and by law a pesticide MUST be toxic! Crazy, huh?

KD Gold works via a mechanical (not chemical) action of separating oil from cloth or other material. This also means stripping the oily coating from the exoskeletons of bugs. When this happens, the bugs die. So yes, it works on fleas and ticks too (as well as bedbugs). The bugs are also smothered. Commercial liquid dishwashing soaps can also smother bugs, but I’d NEVER use them, either for myself or for my beloved pooches, because these commercial preparations are highly toxic.

KD Gold is the only cleaner I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave a film on my body. We bathe the dogs in it, too. Oh, and regarding the comment about coconut oil: ALL cleaners, regardless of what they are, have oil (coconut, almond, lard, etc.) as either their base or as one of their ingredients. The oil undergoes saponification (a soap making term), when exposed to certain processes. However, to my sense, KD Gold is just about the only cleaner that doesn’t feel “oily.” I don’t think that the KD Gold folks regard their product as “soap,” because it’s made differently than regular soap.

Years ago, a friend of mine decided that if KG Gold separates oily muck from the surfaces, then she’s use it in an enema. She felt very clean afterwards  ;-   The stuff IS completely safe, so I occasionally use it as a mouthwash (though it doesn’t taste good and only the hardy might feel adventurous in this way).

A great use for KD Gold is in the car. I have a little bottle that mixes air in it so it foams. After I pump gas, use the toilet, or if I’m shopping and get my hands dirty, I pump a little KD Gold on my hands and rub it around. I DON’T rinse it off! It dries and my hands are clean. It completely gets rid of not only dirt, but also the smell of gasoline.

I also spray KD Gold on second-hand clothing. Most of it smells, either from the pesticides they spray on it or the poisonous fabric softener that many people use. I spray the clothing with the KD Gold, numerous times, as well as with hydrogen peroxide. I wash it a bunch. And I leave it in the sun for weeks.

You might be interested to know that the woman who helped develop the formula is herself chemically sensitive. She had to have something that worked, that she could use without becoming ill. She has a long history of trying to make the planet a better place through a variety of good works. I love to support her when I can.


In my search to switch from chemical based products used in my home to chemical free, I was very happy to find KD Gold. Pure ingredients that are not harmful to humans or animals and that I feel safe breathing in, too!  We use KDGold for cleaning our carpets, bathrooms & kitchen, our vehicles, and our Vegetables!  Everyone should learn to “Read Labels” and educate themselves about the “product ingredients” they purchase. Lots of great websites out there that can help you discern ingredient names and their possible detrimental affects.

JanetNew York

Saludos, he usado el producto de limpieza KD Gold por un año y puedo dar fe que el mismo es magnífico para la limpieza. Es maravilloso para limpiar pisos de cerámica, ventanas de cristal, baños, etc. Deja los pisos y ventanas sin residuos de detergentes y brillosos.

Por mucho tiempo utilicé otros productos para limpiar mi piso en cerámica y siempre quedaban manchados, lo cual me molestaba y seguía buscando algo que recuperara la belleza de la loza. Cuando utilicé KD Gold me sorprendió que no había residuos y los pisos quedaron brillosos. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

Gracccccciiiiiiiias es un producto maravilloso.

Hello, I have used KD Gold cleaning product for one year and I can attest that it’s magnificent for cleaning. It’s wonderful to clean ceramic floors, glass windows, bathrooms, etc. It leaves the floors and windows with no detergent residues and shiny.

I used other products to clean my ceramic floors for a long time and they were always left stained, which upset me, and I would keep looking for something that would recover the beauty of the tile. When I used KD Gold, I was surprised that there were no residues and the floors were shiny. I highly recommend it.

Thank you!!!!!! It’s a wonderful product.

Zulma C.Carolina, Puerto Rico

My family and I want to keep our home clean and free of toxic chemicals. I also switched from botanic gold to KD Gold concentrate as some others have. The regular shipping option got my 1-gallon here to Texas in less than 5 days. Shipping and reliability are important to me so I’m proud to order online Sunday evening and receive Friday noon. Perfect!

I want to share some opinions on use and function. I like to keep a gallon or two of KD Gold concentrate on hand to premix my choice dilutions in empty gallon jugs, repurposed concentrate jugs. Distilled water is best for many reasons and I would avoid mixing with tap water if at all possible. WaterWise is a fine place to read up and shop for distillers.

I normally use only two KD Gold/distilled water dilutions, 10:1 and 30:1 (compare to botanic gold 3:1 and 15:1). I was happy to discover a 10:1 solution is sufficient to actually foam up in a foaming soap dispenser (I dislike watery hand soap). This week I plan to use 10:1 in the dishwasher and our washing machine, a low volume water saving type. My 30:1 is for almost everything else, including car washing.

Thank You, Kaylin, for a safe healthy product.

Kevin S., Texas

KD Gold was recommended to me by my friend Tara down in Palm Beach. I have very oily scalp that can get very crusty, but with dry ends. I used it at the dilution stated for Hair and Body wash, which is 7:1, and it works very well. I don’t have to use conditioner, heat-style it and it lasts me for 4 days! That’s two days more than before. I also shower with it and use it as a shaving soap for my legs and underarms.

Elbita BenitezOrlando, Florida

I’ve used KD Gold for over 2 years and it’s been a blessing! I wash everything with it: my bathroom, my clothes, my house, my dishes, my dogs, and myself! I even wash my floor, although I have to be careful because it can get very slippery. One thing I did notice is that some cleaning that I do needs to sit for 30 minutes, like Kaylin said. I spoke to her and she is very nice and very informative! She told me that it takes time, water and friction, like scrubbing. I love to soak my glass casserole containers and washing them easily 30 minutes later! I recommend it to everyone!

Maria W.Customer ServiceMiami, FL

KDGold for Horse Care:
KDgold nontoxic soap is an excellent bug repellent for helping to keep the flies and other biting insects off your horse.
Spray the fly mask with a solution of 10 parts water to 1 part KDGold and place the mask on the horse. Then lightly spray the body, including neck, underbelly, legs and tail. This works wonderful and your horse with thank you.

Ann, Colorado for Horse Care

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