KD Gold User Guide

Congratulations on your decision to use KD Gold™ for all your cleaning, washing, bathing and/or on the go emergencies!

The most important thing for you to remember about KDGold™ Concentrate is dilute, dilute, dilute. KD Gold™ is a colloidal micelle pure liquid soap, and is activated by water. Basically, once you add a good amount of water, you are good to go! Diluting KD Gold™ is not an exact science. Below, you will see two printable tables of suggested dilution rates. Feel free to experiment until you find a dilution that works best for your cleaning needs. KD Gold™ is made to clean anything remotely washable and wipe / rinse clean with no residue.

If you are using KD Gold RTU™ (Ready to use), that is wonderful as well! Below we have a link to a printable list of uses for KD Gold. Please contact us if you have any questions.

How To Use KDGold™

After years of experimentation and feedback from users like you, we chosen KDGold RTU™ (Ready-To-Use) product line. Below are the dilution rates that we use for each bottled product. These concentrations may be a bit strong, so you may need to add water for better results. Experiment with dilution rates for your unique uses and perhaps you can save money by diluting them more.

Each label has its own directions, which are essentially spray, agitate and wipe or rinse. The thing to remember with all natural colloidal micelle cleaners like KDGold™, there are three essential ingredients to their successful use:

KD Gold Dillutions

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  1. Water: considered the most important. To get you started, all of the KDGold RTU™ products contain some water. Keep using these spray bottles by diluting KD Gold™ Concentrate as indicated in the charts provided.
  2. Agitation: dispensing KDGold™ from a spray bottle is usually sufficient to agitate the colloidal micelles but from time to time you may need to scrub with your fingertips or a scrubber. However, heavy scrubbing is usually not necessary unless you can’t wait for the push and pull effect of the  hydrophilic/hydrophobic micelles to do the job for you.
  3. Time: Colloidal Micelle molecules need time to do their job. If your desired result is not accomplished immediately with the spray or agitate and wipe technique, give it a little dwell time. A little time may be anywhere from 10 or 15 seconds to a couple of hours. In some extreme and stubborn cases it may even be overnight.

KDGold RTU™ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Example

Let’s take carpet cleaning, for example. Make sure if your carpet can be safely washed with water, so you know if you can use KD Gold to clean it. It is strongly recommended to do a pre-test spot in a closet or inconspicuous corner long before washing the rest of the carpet.

Even though the Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is a 10:1 dilution, you will not be cleaning the entire carpet with 10:1. First, pre-treat any difficult spots by spraying them directly with the 10:1 KD Gold. Second, agitate the soiled spots with your fingertips or a gentle brush, ensuring the the fibers of the carpet are dampened. Third, allow dwell time for KD Gold to do it’s work. However, don’t stop there or you will soon have what appears to be bleached out spots in your carpet. Not to panic, they are NOT bleached out -they are CLEAN!

Fourth, clean the rest of the carpet, either with a carpet cleaning machine or the retro bucket and brush way. In fact, by the time you prepare the carpet machine or get out your bucket and scrub brush, enough dwell time should have passed. To clean the carpet, just pour 2 to 4 ounces of the 10:1 right out of the spray bottle into the reservoir of the carpet machine and fill the rest with water. For 1/2 gallon reservoirs, don’t use more than 2 ounces. If you are using a mop bucket, add 4 ounces to 2 gallons of water, then scrub away.

Only rinse the spots where you sprayed the 10:1 KD Gold™ directly on the carpet. And the best part is that cleanup is a breeze, since you don’t have that icky smelly, overly foamy, toxic cleaner that leaves a messy residue on everything. You will be amazed at the professional results  garnered from your efforts. In fact, we have a number of professional carpet cleaning services that only use KDGold™ and love it because of the amazing results that they get in half of the time of using other cleaners.

How to Dilute KDGold™ Concentrate

Author’s note: All dilutions for KDGold™ Concentrate are specified as “water to concentrate” instead of the industry standard of “concentrate to water” for the specific purpose of making it clear that you start with water and add concentrate to it instead of starting with concentrate and adding water. Even though KDGold™ is very low sudsing, when you add water to the concentrate, it will bubble up and overflow quite quickly and make a mess; but not so the other way around.

Choose a method of dilution that works for you and your lifestyle. The following 3 methods are in the order of favor and are there as guide lines, not absolutes. Just remember that water activates and super charges the colloidal micelles particles. Experiment for what is best for your water quality. The harder the water, the more concentrated your KDGold™ ready-to-use needs to be and the softer your water, the concentration needs to be less for most common cleaning jobs. You will probably find that most household tasks can be done with 100:1 dilution.

Dilution Method #1: New Simplified Diluting Method

4 gal copy

2½ gallon water container with tap

To make it simple and effective, we strongly advise you to pre-dilute your KDGold™ Concentrate before you need it. The simplest way is to find a larger, clean (unused or repurpose an old KDGold™ gallon) container and fill it 90% or so with water then top it off with KDGold™ Concentrate.  That will give you a 9:1 dilution and as you can see from the KDGold RTU™ Dilution chart above, over 95% of what you will use KDGold™ for starts out as 10:1 Since KDGold™ works at almost any dilution there is no need to be exact.  We prefer to use a 2½ gallon water container with spigot for easy spray bottle filling as shown here. (If you want to measure it exactly, it would be 10 quarts of water to 1 quart of KDGold™ Concentrate in a 2½ gallon container.)

( These containers can be purchased at most of the “big box marts” for around $10. They are designed to sit in the refrigerator, so you will find them more during the summer. We carry these, but the shipping cost far exceeds their value.)

This container will sit on most laundry room shelves so your ready made KDGold™ is ready to go anytime for filling RTU bottles or doing laundry. From there, all other concentrations can be done by merely adding more water or more concentrate to your pre-diluted 10:1 mixture in smaller ready-to-use bottles.

Dilution Method #2: Downloadable and Printable .pdf User Guide

In the past we have had a very long (20 page) User Guide with over 200 uses for KDGold™. Unfortunately, it was way too complicated for most people to understand and deal with the different mixing instructions. For those who liked the User Guide and for those who want ideas as to the many uses for KDGold™, it can still be accessed here. Please make sure that you read the intro first as there are valuable mixing instructions before you get to the individual uses in the KDGold™ User Guide.  Enjoy!!!

 Dilution Method #3: Mix Small Quantities at a Time

This is the least favored method of dilution as it seems to take more time to dilute in such small quantities and people seem to be more concerned about exact measurements — again it’s not necessary.

The hardest concept for most people to grasp is “parts” — for instance 10:1 or 10 parts water to 1 part concentrate. The ‘part(s)” part can be any method of measurement you choose. It can be a coffee mug, shot glass, or a pitcher. Just make sure your container will fit 11 “parts”. For instance if you are going to use a water pitcher that holds a ½ gallon or 64oz of water, you want to make sure that you container will hold at least 5½ gallons to mix a 10:1 dilution as you will need to add 10 ½ gallons of water for every ½ gallon of concentrate you add to your bucket. If not, find a larger container or use a smaller unit of measure to be the “part”. The following is a chart that shows the dilution measurements for the most common household containers; 16 ounce, 32 ounce and 1 gallon.

KDGold Con Dilution Rates Small Quantities

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Again, don’t worry about being exact and don’t make it stronger than it needs to be — that’s just plain wasteful — and it’s not called KDGold™ for nothing — it’s as precious as gold.

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